Why Your Comfort Zone is Your Worst Enemy

Your comfort zone is your enemy, we evolve on this planet through people doing new things that no one has done before, things that are uncomfortable, yet things that change the way we live. Getting out of this ever-growing habit is hard, no one likes going down a road with no map or directions, it’s uncomfortable to be in the unknown and therefore it is only the risk takers, the leaders and the misfits that create the world that the other 90% of the population live in, inside their comfort zone, going to work 9–5 every day knowing at the end of the week there is a pay cheque and assurance that this will continue to happen for the foreseeable future. The comfort of things not changing is a popular feeling that people strive to achieve.

People say that you stop growing when you are in your mid-twenties, I disagree, I think that 90% of people do, the 90% who stop growing as a person developing new skills and hobbies but start to grow materialistically. The other 10% are the creators the entrepreneurs and the dream chasers, they continue to grow as a person experiencing new things each waking day as they are the unafraid leaders of tomorrow. To explain further this concept, I think it is fair to say that firstly, my stats are completely made up, and secondly you must realise that my viewpoint is coming from watching others in their life not looking back on my own. When I said that people grow materialistically, I mean that during the time that you finish school there is almost a list of items you will start to acquire rather than a list of new skills. For instance; a job, a car, an apartment, a house. Once you have all these things then your complete, you will settle down with someone and live out your days. That is a lot of people’s ideal situation, how comfortable and horrible does that sound. When you meet up with relatives at the next family gathering and your talking to your cousins who you haven’t spoken to in years telling them you got a job, car, house and spouse, they don’t really care. It’s nothing new or exciting. If you think that is great and that someone will be interested in that story why haven’t people approached you asking to give the next Ted Talk.

I guarantee however if you went to that same relative and could speak a new language, had several jobs, founded several businesses, travelled the world and experienced new cultures he would be a lot more interested. Why, because it’s different, you will become different, and different is better. The travel will open your mind to have multiple perspectives on every situation, the jobs will have developed your knowledge and understanding of work life and the businesses will have kept you on your feet and up at night when you’re trying to make sure that you’re not going to lose all your savings you invested in it.

If you imagine that you are going to plant a tree and you wanted it to be the biggest and most colourful tree, you wouldn’t go and put it in a box with a lid to protect it from the elements, so why do it to yourself with all the security of the house and permanent jobs. Step out of your comfort zone and start growing again.


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