Crowdsourcing Platforms


Clickworker is a crowdsourcing website that pays hires independent contractors (you!) to complete tasks for large corporations. These tasks are often menial or administrative, i.e. categorizing items of clothing and pay very small amounts per task completed €0.01-0.05, however, many take literally a second or two to complete. Although they can be boring and repetitive, there is money to be made on some of the better tasks and some tasks may even pay much more for longer and more complex tasks. For example, I once received €5 for taking a few pictures of my fridge and my dishwasher which took 2 minutes. You’ll have to take qualification tests to take part in certain tasks such as UHRS, but most of these are pretty easy to pass.

UHRS is a crowdsourcing platform which can be accessed through clickworker. In order to use UHRS, you must complete the UHRS Qualification test on clickworker, but the tasks on UHRS are generally the best-paying. You can generally expect to make anywhere between €5-25 per hour performing tasks such as verifying search results provide valid information and comparing web search results. Every 3 weeks UHRS earnings will transfer to clickworker where they can be withdrawn via bank transfer. I made approximately €600 on Clickworker over 4 months and averaged about €12 per hour, not bad!

Here’s a sample page from one of my clickworker invoices as proof of income. (This is just one page of 4 in this invoice, it’s made up of a large number of small payments for various different tasks!

clickworker payout


You can sign up to clickworker now by clicking here. Get Earning!



This company is similar to clickworker but often hire for more complex tasks, which pay more. I had some boring but high paying tasks such as transcribing audio from customer service calls which were very lucrative. Others involved verifying whether words in an extremely long list (hundreds of thousands long) were valid Irish words (as Gaeilge). I was making approximately €20 per hour when I focused fully on the task. Appen is a little different from clickworker and UHRS in that you must go through an application process for each specific task, but tasks are generally much longer and more complex than those on clickworker, meaning higher earnings!

When I was primarily focused on Appen (I still apply for the odd task I like the sound of), I made €1000 (paid as $1500 Australian dollars) over a total period of about 8 weeks. Most of this was from two large-scale tasks which I was paid very well for. Here’s proof of payment for a two week period of work on a task where I was verifying the validity of Gaelic words.

Here’s proof of payment for a two week period of work on a task where I was verifying the validity of Gaelic words. Appen pays workers in Australian Dollars.


You can sign up to Appen by clicking here. What are you waiting for?!


Other Crowdsourcing Sites

There are many other crowdsourcing sites similar to these such as Lionbridge and Leapforce, but I don’t have any personal experience with these. The application processes are likely to be very similar though so feel free to try these as well as or instead of the ones mentioned! Many of these sites use the UHRS platform and as such don’t like you working on other platforms whilst working for them so be careful when applying for each to check for terms and conditions pertaining to this.