Our forum allows people to discuss the methods and provide feedback on their experience of our online methods. We hope that questions will be answered by other users and where possible us ourselves. It would also be great to hear any new methods or stories of your own, maybe perhaps you could share a guide and we can post it on our page!


3 thoughts on “Forum

  1. hey, i started the matched betting last week and have made 220 euro so far, i’m just wondering will my returns always be this high, I started with 80 euro.


    1. Hi, I would say average profits if you take part in most offers are about €750 per month but some months I’ve had big wins on risk-free casino offers which can push total profits for that month up. My best month ever I made €2,800 which was mostly made up of William Hill High 5 Refunds (over until Jumps season) and a couple of decent casino wins.
      Your returns are close to my average weekly returns so I’d say you can expect similar for a long time until you lose several bookies due to gubbing (restrictions placed on account). Some months will be better, some will be worse but there’s always more profit to be made!


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