As a student, you are entitled to a lot more discounts and offers than other working people. Hopefully, this page will help you discover multiple ways in which you can save from discounts and even make some money through signups, referrals and small promotions.

Here is a quick list of some of them
1. myunidays
2. ISIC Card
3. Student Leap Card


To explain further what each of the above has to offer please read further below.

1. Myunidays is a site in which college students can sign up to receive discounts on multiple clothing sites including top brands such as Adidas, Nike, river island, top man and much more. By signing up to myunidays you will also get 10% off any order on Asos which for those of you who don’t know is one of the most popular online clothing stores.
What’s more is that once you have signed up to myunidays you will be then able to earn your own money by referrals. myunidays will provide you with your own URL in which if you link to a friend and they sign up you get 5 euro worth of an Asos voucher to spend online. Let’s just say by posting this on facebook and other social media sites we never had to worry about buying clothes from penny’s again. There, of course, is nothing wrong with penny’s clothes, It’s just nice to have the vouchers to spend on top brands. Click here to sign up now.


2. The ISIC Card is a handy card that only costs 15 euro and gives you discounts for multiple things such as Bus Eireann, City link, Uber, FT, Microsoft and that’s just a few, you can find more of the discounts by clicking here. Although the card might be better used by people who are more inclined to travel at 15 euro for the card it’s nearly guaranteed that you will have your money you spent saved within the year of the card’s issue date. The card can be simply ordered online and takes about 1-2 weeks to receive by post. You can get yours here at

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3. The Student Leap Card is again helpful for us people who might have to commute to college or travel for their new internship offer. The card costs as little as 10 euro and has tonnes of benefits like the ISIC card. The difference is that the leap card is more suited to people staying in Ireland where as the ISIC is more commonly used throughout Europe. You can check out what the Student Leap card offers by clicking here. For people using the bus regularly, the Student Leap card is an essential. Get yours today by following this link that will bring you straight to the site. GetTheCard.