One of the most popular ways to make an income online is by taking part in surveys. There are hundreds of survey websites out there, and let’s be honest, most of them are crap. Most pay cents for surveys which may take several minutes, others have ridiculously high minimum payout thresholds and may stop offering you surveys once you get close to this threshold. That said, there are some good, reliable survey websites about! I have only had a consistently positive experience with one site, REDC Live but I will be testing out some new sites soon, I’ll add them as I go.


REDC Live are one of the most highly respected survey providers in Ireland, and they’re also my own personal favourite of the bunch. They pay between €1 and €5 per survey with surveys taking between 5 and 25 minutes to complete. REDC pay €1 per 5 minutes of their estimated completion time, but they’re often less time-consuming than they say! This works out at approximately €12/hr which is a pretty fair wage for such easy work. REDC pay users by cheque once you reach the threshold of 50 points (€50). Once you reach this, they will send your check in the first week or two of the next calendar month. For example, if I reach 50 points on June 15th, my cheque will be sent in early July and I’ll likely receive it before the 20th of July.

I’ve made approximately €300 from surveys sent to me by REDC Live over the past couple of years, that’s 6x €50 cheques. I certainly could have made a lot more had I completed every single survey they sent me but I get lazy sometimes. Available surveys are sporadic and unpredictable, some weeks you might get nothing while others you might average one or two surveys per day.

Here’s a sample from my survey/payment history at REDC Live:


You can sign up to REDC Live by clicking here. Why not get started now?